Mix & Master Services

Jowett Music Box

Mix & Master Services

JMB have over 20 years experience as Recording, Mix & Mastering Engineers with numerous production and co-production credits to date.

Whether you're looking for a classic or a newer modern sound for your project, we are well versed in both. All of our services are conducted in a timely and professional manner at a competitive rate.

Additional options that we can provide:

- Live drums or percussion to any of your tracks.

- Transfers:

  • 24 track DTRS Tape
  • 4 track quarter Inch
  • 8 track quarter Inch
  • 8 Track Half Inch and Stereo DAT.

We will be happy to discuss your full requirements over a phone conversation.

In order to proceed please use the Contact page, leaving your contact number details and a general description of what services you are interested in.

Mixing: $60 per song.

Mastering: $35 per song.

Transfers: $50 per tape.

Power Mac Quad core xeon processors.

Protools 9.Digital Performer 9.1, Waves Bundle 9.2 all plugins.

Softube all plugins bundle.

Waves Abbey Road Plugins.

Lursen Mastering console.

Sonoris DDP Creator.

Tascam M2600 Mk1

TLAudio Ivory 2 5051 Mono Valve Processor.

Focusrite Twin Track Pro Pre/comp.

ART PRO VLA II 2 channel Leveling Amplifier.(Modded with output transformers.)

Furman Sound LC3 Limiter/Compressor.

Symetrix CL-100 Compressor/Limiter.

DBX 266XS COmpressor/Gate.

Yamaha Comp/Limiter GC2020.

Aphex Systems Aural Exciter Type C.

Motu 2408 Mk 3

Motu 2408 Mk 2

Digidesign Digi 002.

Virtualizer Pro Multi Effects Processor.

Klark-Teknik DN 30/30 Graphic Eq.

JMB Studio 3 Monitors.

Bowers and Wilkins DM550 Monitors.

Crest Audio 4000 Professional Power Amp.

QSC Audio RMX 1450.

TEAC 3340S 4-Track 1/4" Inch.

Tascam 38 8-Track 1/2" Inch. x2 DBX Noise Reduction Units.

Tascam DA 38 8 Track DTRS x2.

Tascam DA 88 8 Track DTRS x1.

Fostex D-5 Stereo Dat Recorder.

Sony 3 Head Stereo Cassette Deck.

To upload your audio files to us, please use the JMB Uploader tool