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Speed King - Full Service and Refurb Package

Image of Speed King - Full Service and Refurb Package

JMB are pleased to offer an innovative Speed King service and refurbishment package that will bring your old pedal back to new condition... and even surpass the original.

Say goodbye to the squeaks and sloppy unresponsive action from years of playing. Our upgrades will make your pedal look and perform as a new unit for years to come.

The package includes the following:
  • Full disassembly and clean up.
  • Inspection and repack of bearings.
  • Assessment of cams and springs for wear (we will notify you if any replacements are needed).
  • Installation of our own JMB linkage.
  • Installation of our own heel plate link upgrade.
  • Optional powder coating to finish.
  • Reassembly with use of high-grade synthetic lubricant.

What to expect from the process:

  1. You will email us to discuss the details.
  2. You will complete checkout and pay for the service and return delivery.
  3. You will then ship your Speed King pedal to our address using a courier of your choice (see About Us for address details).
  4. When the SK is received by our team, we will complete the refurbishment at our shop.
  5. During the refurbishment, we will phone you with details on anything that requires further attention.
  6. Once everything is reassembled and finished, we will ship your newly restored pedal back to you.
To ensure full satisfaction is achieved, our team will be happy to discuss any post-refurbishment issues with you and take the appropriate action.

If you have any questions or concerns about the service we offer, feel free to use the contact us form before purchasing and we will be happy to address them.